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Short Learning Programmes

We are transforming the technical training industry via the continuous development of our existing offerings and through the creation of new programmes to ensure you receive current and future relevant training. If you are interested in future-proofing your career or business, consider one of our high quality, industry-related technical training programmes.

Our Short Learning Programmes are aimed at meeting the future needs of industry by equipping technical professionals, artisans and technical revolutionaries with the skills and knowledge needed to improve their capacity to serve expanding markets and harness the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

If the structure, duration or content of any of our standard programmes does not suit your needs, please talk to us, and we will gladly customise a programme for you.

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Fourth Industrial Revolution – 4IR

Solar PV, Optic Fibre and PLC


Resolution Circle is a technical training provider with a wide range of programmes designed to address the skills required in the rapidly evolving technical work environment. We are committed to ensuring our trainees and corporate clients are equipped with a keen mindset, skillset and knowledge to harness all the opportunities emerging from the fourth industrial revolution. Resolution Circle is a subsidiary of the University of Johannesburg.