Millwrights are super-artisans install complex machines are electromechanical specialists are expert faultfinders play an important role in 4IR 



Have you always been interested in repairing & assembling electrical equipment, yet you have an equal passion for all things mechanical? Then being a Millwright might be your thing. Millwrights apply high-precision craftsmanship to the installation, dismantling, maintenance, repair, reassembling, and moving of machinery in various industrial settings.

The demand for such multidisciplinary skill sets is ever increasing in a world of electrically driven & automated industry. Millwrights play a vital role in the future of industrialisation. After completing an apprenticeship, you will be a qualified Millwright with The Red Seal.

By walking your apprenticeship journey with us; we will ensure that you receive training focussed on industry expectations of the future. We will listen to your every concern and you will become part of the RC family.

A qualified artisan will be able to:

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