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Energy Efficiency "Audit" Technician

If you are interested in the United Nations Sustainable development goals 3 Good health and well being, 7 Affordable and clean energy, 11 Sustainable cities and communities, 12 Responsible consumption and production and 13 Climate action and you would like to make a contribution to these goals, this is the qualification for you .

With the carbon taxes in South Africa and the energy performance certificates that have been implemented, there will be a need for an increased number of qualified Energy Efficiency (audit) technicians.  

After completing the program, you will be a qualified Energy Efficiency “audit” technician.

By walking your training journey with us; we will ensure that you receive training focussed on industry expectations of the future, we will listen to your every concern and you will become part of the RC family.

A Qualified Energy Efficiency "Audit" Technician Will Be Able To:

Analyse and interpret your company’s energy data to determine energy saving opportunities with an in-house energy efficiency “audit” technician. Contact us for a corporate solution today.

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