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Our philosophy and key principles in training

At Resolution Circle we remain active in technical services such as maintenance and electronic contract manufacturing, to maintain our real-world knowledge & skill, an ideal environment for practical skills transfer. This allows our trainees to share in this value by direct involvement in these services. 

Having empathy as a commercially active business, we understand that your business will be impacted by not having your staff on the floor. This is especially problematic in times of high demand or with project deadlines looming. By following a flexible intake model, we allow you to choose when staff spends time with us; we don’t blindly dictate, we know you know what’s best for your business.

We don’t expect our clients to be experts in the field of training nor related administration, therefore we ensure that we provide you with a turnkey training solution:

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Work Integrated Learning

Registered Skills Programmes


Engineering Candidacy Programmes


Resolution Circle is a technical training provider with a wide range of programmes designed to address the skills required in the rapidly evolving technical work environment. We are committed to ensuring our trainees and corporate clients are equipped with a keen mindset, skillset and knowledge to harness all the opportunities emerging from the fourth industrial revolution. Resolution Circle is a subsidiary of the University of Johannesburg.