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It's shocking how it warms up my food it lights up my screen much we depend on it electricity changed everything more electricians are needed daily



Are you interested in being able to install as well as take care of electrical equipment and control systems? Then an Electrical Apprenticeship might be your thing. Many contractors struggle to find qualified electricians. 

It is generally accepted that the demand for electricians is ever increasing and will only evolve in its importance to life in the future. After completing an apprenticeship, you will be a qualified Electrician with The Red Seal.

By walking your apprenticeship journey with us; we will ensure that you receive training focussed on industry expectations of the future. We will listen to your every concern and you will become part of the RC family.

A Qualified Artisan Will Be Able To:

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Resolution Circle is a technical training provider with a wide range of programmes designed to address the skills required in the rapidly evolving technical work environment. We are committed to ensuring our trainees and corporate clients are equipped with a keen mindset, skillset and knowledge to harness all the opportunities emerging from the fourth industrial revolution. Resolution Circle is a subsidiary of the University of Johannesburg.