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Instrument Mechanician

Many companies struggle to find qualified Instrument Mechanicians. Instrument Mechanicians are in high demand as trade industries require extremely precise measuring and monitoring equipment to regulate process variables, keep track of production, manage power use and to ensure correct measurement and control for the purpose of contributing to the safe and efficient operation of plants.

Enhance the technical skills of your team with our hands-on Instrument Mechanician Apprenticeship.

How your business will benefit:

• Improved Quality
• Efficiency (time and cost)
• Effectiveness
• Reduced damage of equipment/machinery
• Capability (Increase scope of offerings)
• Profits
• Safety (Reduced risk of injury (direct and latent))
• Conformance with industry standards
• Skills levy rebates and other tax benefits
• Reputational benefits
• After training support

At the end of training, your mechanician will be able to:

Our apprenticeship journey will ensure that your mechanician will receive a practical hands-on training on industry expectations of the future (4IR). After completing their training with us, you team will be qaulified instrument Mechanicians with The Red Seal endorsement – recognised and respected by the trades industry across South Africa and internationally. 

Talk to us to book a tour of our facility. We also offer discount structures on bulk training and return business.  


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