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Registered Skills Programmes

Resolution Circle offers skills programmes in high demand industry-relevant artisanal fields. Whether you wish to improve your income, job security, employability or the productivity of your employees, these programmes are made for you.

Skills programmes, as opposed to apprenticeships, are short programmes, lasting between one and three months, wherein you build your knowledge, skill and level of expertise in a particular trade. These programmes allow you to develop specific techniques and skills within a trade, allowing you to choose programmes relevant to your environment and application.

After completing a skills programme you will receive credits, depending on the unit standards completed, these credits can be used to build towards achieving a full NQF qualification.

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Registered Skills Programmes


Registered Skills Programmes

CNC Turning

Registered Skills Programmes



Resolution Circle is a technical training provider with a wide range of programmes designed to address the skills required in the rapidly evolving technical work environment. We are committed to ensuring our trainees and corporate clients are equipped with a keen mindset, skillset and knowledge to harness all the opportunities emerging from the fourth industrial revolution. Resolution Circle is a subsidiary of the University of Johannesburg.