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Advanced Manufacturing:

Introduction to Electrical Discharge Machining

With EDM, also referred to as spark eroding, material is removed by current discharges repeated in rapid sequence between two electrodes in a dielectric liquid. Traditionally the machining of hard metals was expensive and it was particularly difficult to create intricate contours. EDM has changed all this by opening a new world of possibilities with regards to the machining of hardened steel, titanium, kovar and many other hard metals & alloys. 

 The EDM short learning programme exposes participants to EDM techniques by allowing participants to engage, hands-on, in a step-by-step process to fabricate components under the guidance of an experienced facilitator. This entry level technical hands-on course is ideal for those with little or no knowledge of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) and who want to gain fundamental CNC programming and EDM operating skills. 

Programme Outcomes:

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