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Introduction to Additive Manufacturing

In additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, material is deposited layer upon layer, therefore adding material to create parts. In traditional manufacturing methods, material is removed more often than not, through means such as milling, machining, carving and drilling.

Additive manufacturing has been around for several decades; however, it is now being adopted across a wide range of industries worldwide. Additive manufacturing can lead to performance improvement,  geometries nearly impossible by traditional means and simplified fabrication. Therefore, additive manufacturing increases the repertoire of fabricators and reduces the cost of customised and limited volume manufacturing.

This entry level technical hands-on course is ideal for those who have little to no knowledge of Additive Manufacturing and who want to gain fundamental additive manufacturing and 3D printer operating skills. These skills will improve your R&D, prototyping and specialised fabrication abilities. This course takes you from drafting through physical fabrication of parts and all the steps in-between.

Programme Outcomes:

  • Drawing components in SolidWorks
  • Fundamental knowledge of additive manufacturing materials and technologies
  • Understanding of Design considerations
  • Tooling applications
  • How to calibrate a 3D printer
  • Fundamental knowledge of design constraints, part consolidation, and topology optimisation
  • Utilise 3D printing software
  • Fabricate objects using a 3D printer
  • Training Type: Contact Theory and Practical
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Who Should Attend: Engineers, Technicians, Artisans, Technologists, Researchers & Developers, Manufacturers, and Fabrication Specialists, especially those in the Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and Jewellery Industries
  • Price: R6 000 excluding VAT

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