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Electronics Contract Manufacturing - ECM

Are you looking for an organisation to manufacture your electronic products in South Africa? Look no further!

We have years of experience in the manufacturing of wireless telecommunications equipment and other electronic products. This is done with our MyData printing, pick & place & curing equipment, combined with a hand soldering, programming and testing line – all while maintaining strict IPC ESD standards.

Building Maintenance

Do you find building maintenance a burden you can live without? Are you tired of independently managing electrical, plumbing and carpentry contractors?

Resolution Circle offers turnkey maintenance services. This means we have core teams able to assist with all the facets of building maintenance. We have artisans and technicians, all with various fields of expertise doing what they specialise in. And you do not have to worry about management, administration and procurement either.


Resolution Circle is a technical training provider with a wide range of programmes designed to address the skills required in the rapidly evolving technical work environment. We are committed to ensuring our trainees and corporate clients are equipped with a keen mindset, skillset and knowledge to harness all the opportunities emerging from the fourth industrial revolution. Resolution Circle is a subsidiary of the University of Johannesburg.